Sell your Car Quickly with DealerGroup

Like many people, your car will probably be one of your most valuable assets, so, naturally, you want to get the best offer you possibly can for it. Indeed, there are many avenues you can take to get your car sold, but most will involve attracting local buyers only, thereby restricting your market reach, and once sold, you’re never entirely confident you achieved the best price. Thankfully, at DealerGroup, we’ve transformed how you sell your car to make it easier and quicker and reach a far wider audience. Gone are the days when you had to religiously keep the car clean just in case someone wanted to view it—tedious test drives and time-wasting hagglers are a thing of the past.

At DealerGroup, we believe the best way to achieve top dollar for your pride and joy is to place it onto a marketplace where registered, and verified traders and dealerships nationwide are all itching to buy stock for their inventories. That’s why we’ve created the perfect digital platform that’s both quick and easy to use and allows you to access motor traders and franchised dealerships up and down the country. By simply placing your vehicle for sale through our quick form and uploading images, the sale of your car will be accessible to dealers nationwide, with sales being made in as little as 24 hours once an ad goes live. Then, all you need to do is wait for the offers to come in and decide which offer to take—as simple as putting the pedal to the metal!

Sell your car fast with DealerGroup

Instant six band valuation so you know what you can expect

Access to an online marketplace of verified dealers and traders

Multiple offers from dealerships and motor traders nationwide

Sell your vehicle in as little as 24 hours

Vehicle collection from your home or work

100% free to the public – our registered motor traders pay a subscription fee

Don’t second-guess choosing DealerGroup as your one-stop platform for a smooth and efficient way to sell your car quickly. Instead, decide today to achieve the best price possible from our vetted nationwide dealers and motor traders and all at no cost to you. By entering your registration on our digital platform, you can begin your car selling journey today and be as little as 48 hours away from selling your vehicle for the price you want.