Offload Part Exchange Vehicles the Easy Way with DealerGroup

Taking second-hand vehicles in part exchange can be a bit of a conundrum for franchised dealerships; you want to make the sale so invite customers to use their existing car in part exchange. It makes total sense to make it super easy for the customer, but what happens when the second-hand part exchange vehicle isn’t really what you want sitting on your forecourt? Maybe it’s not the right car manufacturer for your dealership, or perhaps you only sell newer vehicles. Solutions so far have been restricted to either selling through auction houses or passing to your chosen underwriter, which can be somewhat cumbersome.

Easy Online Solution to Disposing of Unwanted PX’s

DealerGroup is a company that has worked hard to develop the perfect solution to these part-exchange challenges. By registering on our digital vehicle trade platform, nationwide franchised dealerships and motor traders can trade more effectively by obtaining PX valuations before transferring unwanted part-exchange cars and vans and releasing them into our network of vetted motor traders who may see potential in adding those vehicles to their stock portfolios.

The DealerGroup trade platform allows motor traders, large or small, to come together to share, acquire and dispose of the unwanted stock in an easy, straightforward way, a bit like an online car auction. With complete vehicle data and information from our partners, the DVSA, DVLA and Motorscan, together with high-quality images, traders can view new stock immediately from around the UK and make on-the-spot offers. With the potential for multiple offers, the unwanted PX will be off your forecourt in no time at all!

Are you a Private Car Owner thinking of Part-Exchanging?

It’s pretty standard practice to part exchange your car at your local motor dealership, but are you getting the best price you can for it by doing it this way? Bear in mind that the dealership will only offer you the very minimum they can as they need to sell it on either through their forecourt or to another motor trader who equally wants to make money on the sale.

At the end of the day, whatever they offer you is deducted from the cost of your new car, so doesn’t it make sense to get the very best price you can first? Selling your vehicle privately is the only way to get the best price possible for a second-hand car, and that’s where DealerGroup can help.

Through our digital car dealer trade platform, private sellers can register their cars for sale through our easy to use guided listing process and gain access to a nationwide network of motor traders and dealerships all on the lookout for new stock. And it’s all entirely free for private sellers.

We don’t charge fees or commissions, and there are no hidden costs. By registering and giving us a go, we can offer you a six-band valuation to help you understand what you can expect for your vehicle, and within 24 hours of your ad going live, you could be in receipt of multiple offers from traders from Lands End to Edinburgh. So, before you head straight for your local dealership to part exchange as you did numerous times before, maybe give DealerGroup a try and see those others come rolling in!